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Through Dr. VanZino's knowledge and guidance I began to feel more empowered and understanding of my issues and was able to focus on the most important decisions that I needed to make for myself. I now feel confident in knowing a direction and in choosing a preferred treatment option.

My time with Dr. VanZino was very well served. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking a professional medical services consultant of the highest caliber.

~ Robert DeMichiel
Koloa, Hawaii


~ ~ ~

For me Dr. K is the sympathetic listener.  She asked me the 'right questions' for more detail. She pulled it all together assuming nothing she hadn't asked me about, and took away a great part of my fear.

~ Erika Reimer
consulting client


~ ~ ~

Dr. Van Zino's approach to managing my multiple back issues allowed me to fully understand my course of treatment prescribed by my doctors. Her explanations of my numerous test results was invaluable.

~ L. Doddridge
former patient


~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for talking with me.  It has made such a difference to me.  In addition to answering all of my questions, you really helped me with my worry about not being there when Bob died.  And you helped by telling me about worse scenarios that might have happened. I have felt a great deal of relief since talking with you.  I am more grateful than I can say.

~N. Evans
consulting client

Medical Consulting & Deep Coaching

What is Deep Coaching?

Deep Coaching describes a unique way of working with people. It focuses attention on the deeper gifts, motivations, and fears of a person by bringing awareness and insight to ones deepest capacities. Major shifts in health-physical, psychological, and spiritual are possible.

I use the Enneagram as a dynamic framework in which to guide individuals toward self knowing. In the Enneagram I have a tool with which to help my clients explore not only their external behaviors and the places where they get stuck, but also their deeper inner workings. To quote my mentor and founder of the Deep Coaching Institute Roxanne Howe-Murphy, PhD 


“By getting to the heart of the matter, we can help our clients become free from core operating principles that no longer serve them. They can become free to live from a place of expansiveness and potential.” Deep Coaching, Preface vii 2007

In Deep Coaching I begin with what is happening for the client in their body, the present at every moment of life, information packed resource which is so often ignored. 

How often do we only listen to the body’s signals when they become extreme and call out, for example the splitting headache or painful heartburn? As a primary care physician I have come to appreciate that each of these symptoms is a call to a deeper knowing. What is going on beneath the surface is the key to managing what is manifesting on the surface.

I have trained in an evidence-based Western Scientific tradition and to this I have brought my deep interest in Ancient Medical Wisdom to access the body’s deeper intelligences. Here too the Enneagram is tremendously useful as a map of the dominant gifts of each personality type as well as the capacity for integrating the gifts of other types. To heal is to find wholeness through the understanding of our individual part within the full spectrum of the human condition. 

I approach my partnership with a person, be it medical consulting or coaching, embracing all that matters in as compassionate and comprehensive manner as possible. It is only then, paying full attention to the whole, that we can together explore sound decisions and true healing. 

How It Works

  • I offer a free of charge brief conversation to assess the possibility of working together.


  • The Consultation and or Coaching begins with a complete history and information gathering session as we mutually identify needs.


  • Our work may involve a current medical decision or education around a new diagnosis. For some patients this may satisfy their current need.


  • More often then not we agree to work together over time for a minimum of 3-6 months in which we explore in depth the picture of one’s health. This is especially helpful when one faces a turning point in life. Gaining insights using the framework of the Enneagram is powerful and is a wonderful dimension I offer in our work together.


  • For purely medical consults I prepare an invoice which includes current medical codes which may be used for reimbursement from insurance and medical savings plans. I continue as a licensed physician with all the appropriate identifications. I am not associated with any specific health plans and I do not bill insurance, nor do I become involved in disputes regarding coverage.


  • My fees for a medical consultation are based upon the time required. I provide an estimate upon our initial conversation. For ongoing work I charge hourly and offer a 9 session package at a discounted rate. I will be happy to discuss fees on an individual basis.

I look forward to joining you on your journey of increased awareness, essential for true health.

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