Speaking Topics

Each of these topics involves a subject integral to the health of your entire being.

For example, If I am speaking about cholesterol we will realize how important this is for healthy blood vessels which are necessary for healthy brain cells which are indeed necessary for sharp thinking, creativity and a stable mood.

It is all connected.

Knowledge in any of these areas will help you live more healthfully,
more successfully and more productively in all areas of your life.

My goal as I teach is not to just show you how to change, but to inspire you to know that you can. 

I am sure that everyone felt that you were speaking to them and for them.  

~  Barbara Bosserman


~ ~ ~

What a treat to listen to and learn from Dr. Van Zino. Her talks often weave ancient wisdom with modern technology enabling us to clearly see the link between philosophy, art and the physcian’s craft. 
~ Nadine F. Oei 


~ ~ ~

Dr. Van Zino is both motivational and clear in her explanations.  I will be telling my friends about her.

~ Carol Little, RN

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